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Smart Home

  • Home Automation

    Enter your home and have the temperature set perfectly for your arrival? Have the lights go up as the sun goes down? Unlock a door via your smartphone? Transform your living room into a home theater with the touch of a button. Close the drapes, dim the lights, start the movie, control the climate and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Galaxy HiFi can help you bring your home to life with a customised solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget and grow with your changing needs. Make the most of your home by taking control.

    We have an automation system for every lifestyle, budget and need. And they do more than keep you and your family safe and secure…they give you peace of mind and can even keep you connected to your home wherever you are. Our products are easy enough for every member of the family to operate, providing a level of simplicity and convenience you’ll really appreciate.


  • Lighting Automation

    Turn select indoor and outdoor lights on or off automatically. Tell your system to turn one set of lights before you get home from work and turn another off an hour after you have gone to bed. You can program scenes and schedules for ambience and security, and control your lights from any remote location.


  • Motorised Curtains and Shades

    Operate the curtains and shades in your home for ambiance, privacy and security by raising and lowering them at specified times. They are also an ideal way to reduce glare and help protect furniture, floors, carpeting and artwork from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.

    In addition curtains and shades can also be used to help manage your home’s energy efficiency. Automatically lower them to block out sun and heat during hot periods to cut your cooling costs. Automatically raise them to let in sun to warm your home during cooler weather. You can also save money by letting in natural light to offset the need for electrical light.


  • Ceiling Fans and Air conditioners

    What could be cooler than control of household ceiling fans and air conditioners? They can be automated to turn on or off when you arm and disarm your security system, programmed for specific times, work in conjunction with lighting and more!


  • Scenes and Schedules

    Creating scenes and schedules can enhance your lifestyle and help you save money and energy without any change in your daily routine while making your home greener. A “Goodnight” scene could entail having the doors lock and the lights shut off when you arm your security system at night. A schedule might be created to have the porch and hallway lights on and the Air Conditioner set to a specific temperature an hour before you leave the office so you arrive to a comfortable, well-lit home. Groups of devices can turn on or off at various times of the day, on one or more days of the week. The possibilities are endless and the choices are all yours.


  • Home Entertainment

    Entertainment in your home can be a high quality, cinematic experience when you integrate your system with popular home systems from reputed international brands. Transform your living room into a home theater with the touch of a button. Close the drapes, dim the lights, start the movie, control the climate and more. Sit back, relax and enjoy!


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Galaxy HiFi is a proud member of CEDIA. The premier association of Home Technology Professionals. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, updating your electronics or just need some help from a specialist, CEDIA members are your trusted home technology partners.